Anti-Emiliano Sala songs in Nice: a group leader of Nice supporters banned from the stadium by the club

A group leader of supporters from the “Populaire Sud” tribune of theAllianz Riviera from Nice was banned from stade by the club, in sanction to the mocking song Emiliano Salawhich outraged the french soccerannounced on Friday‘OGC Nice.

“As a club, our role is to sanction those who harm OGC Nice, its public and its image,” wrote in a press release Jean-Pierre Rivère, the president of the Riviera club, referring to “a message of zero tolerance” in the face of this “provocation”.

“Le ‘‘capo” who hosted the stand on Wednesday was thus served with a commercial stadium ban by the club. It takes effect this weekend. This in-depth work will continue in the coming days, in particular during the investigation carried out by our services and the authorities following the complaints filed.he added.

Wednesday during the Nice-Saint-Etienne match, four days after Nantes beat Nice in the Coupe de France final, some of the OGCN supporters launched a mocking chant about Emiliano Sala, the former striker Argentinian from Nantes who died in a plane crash in 2019.

“He’s an Argentinian who doesn’t swim well, Emiliano under water”, sang the ultras from Nice around the 9the minute, parodying the song (“He’s an Argentinian, he doesn’t give up, Emiliano Sala”) that the Nantes supporters sing at each match at this precise minute in tribute to the former N.9 of the Canaries.

“We are appalled by the lyrics sung on Wednesday night. We immediately expressed our indignation, and a feeling of shame invaded each of us. Such an act is unjustifiable”believes Mr. Rivère in the press release published on Friday.

“On a daily basis, OGC Nice conveys very different values. We therefore encourage our public to affirm this forcefully on Saturday evening by paying homage once again, in the most vibrant way possible, to the memory of Emiliano Sala, in the 9th minute of the match as he had been able to do after his tragic disappearance in 2019”concludes the president of the club.

In a press release published Thursday on Facebook, the Ultras of the Popular South had invoked the “second degree”, basis according to them of the Ultra movement, to justify their song. They also regretted “selective outrage”.

Nice receives Lille on Saturday for the 37e and penultimate day of L1.