Anti-vaccines: Doctor De Benito: “Why don’t I get vaccinated? What is the vaccine going to give me that I don’t already have?”: Doctor De Benito: “Why don’t I get vaccinated? the vaccine that I don’t already have? ” | Radio Aranda

Not all doctors seem to agree with what is said about the covid-19 vaccine, nor about the virus. The vast majority defends the importance of getting vaccinated, which does not prevent infection, but in most cases the disease may be aggravated with fatal result. The data certainly show that lethality is minimal among those who have been vaccinated, and that infections among those most likely to be infected – our elderly – have been greatly reduced.

One of these doctors who on more than one occasion have given something to talk about about covid-19 is the doctor Luis Miguel de Benito, expert in digestology and doctor from a Madrid hospital. This past week he offered a talk in Aranda de Duero about vaccines, but he also went through the microphones of the SER to give an account of his perception on these issues. He did it first by asserting that he is not against vaccines. “I’m not against, I have my children vaccinated, I am vaccinated with what had to be vaccinated, but I do keep a certain distance from what has come to be called a vaccine. 99% are in favor, what happens there is nothing against? Well, I do have something to say“, he wields.

But, Why do you think they are not vaccines? “These products that are put on do not guarantee that they reduce mortality or that they immunize people, and more importantly, my appearance to oppose me and say that they are not products to my liking it is because they are not of necessity. I do not see a need for this product that is being used in a generalized way. I am not saying that it does not generate immunity, it is the vaccine leaflet itself. Both Pfizer and Astra say or assure that a percentage that is 0.7% of people will be infected more seriously than if they had not been vaccinated. That is the protection, “he says. hit Due to the fact that income has plummeted as well as infections in vaccinated people as well, the doctor explains it by stating that “the more field is burned, the less there is left to burn.” “What immunizes is not the vaccine, what immunizes is passing the disease. The one who has been most exposed has had the greatest risk of having passed it,” he adds.

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One of the shocks that this interview has caused has occurred with the current infections that occur in the younger population. De Benito says that “Now there are no more infections in people under 30 than before, now they are doing more PCR to those under 30 who previously did not have the test because there was confinement and they did not leave home. “” When there is interest in saying that the incidence increases, it is because the PCR tests that are done have increased. … Were the children ill? This is like if you look in people’s mouths, you will see a lot of cavities, but you don’t discover anything, they already had them. Coronaviruses have existed for a long time, it is not an invention of now. He who is in contact with the germ and survives remains indifferent, learns to live with it, and that has happened with the coronavirus, “he adds.

In the same way, the doctor does not give extreme importance to the fact that there is a percentage – even if it is very low – of people who die from this disease. “If this disease or this process, the WHO says it has a fatality of two per thousand, 998 people do not die, they survive and remain immune, Can you tell me what a punctured experimental product brings?“, he questions.” Before people who have the reasoning – the fact that this 2% is a close relative who may die and there is the possibility of minimizing that risk- I would tell him not to leave the house, or take the car. Because there is more chance of dying from a car accident than from a germ like coronavirus. It seems that only covid exists, and people have died this year of syphilis, tuberculosis, cancer, 2000 people suffocated by eating … People will say ‘how dangerous is this to eat, mom don’t eat’. They tell you that there are vaccines for covid but there aren’t. The risk of having that puncture is not yet known. We are starting to evaluate it now. They say that they can leave you sterile after two years but that time has not passed, so how do we know? There is uncertainty, and it is necessary to assume it “, wields.

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“What happened in December was the flu”

Another issue that has generated the most controversy in the aforementioned interview, which can be reproduced at the end of this article, are the aforementioned waves. “The wave thing needs to be clarified. What happened in December was the flu, because the flu does not go away. The patients who were admitted with respiratory symptoms had nothing to do with those who were admitted in the spring of last year. And it was called the third wave, and the fourth wave has been called Pfizer disease flare ups in January. And the fifth wave are those who have been vaccinated with Astra and Moderna in April and May, which we will see in September the side effects that we are going to see. I know that viruses leave immunity, and it is not given by the vaccine, but by passing the disease. When in January my hospital started to give vaccines I sat down and said: I have come to not get the vaccine. And they told me, why? I said, why is the vaccine going to give me that I don’t already have? Is the vaccine going to give me something that I don’t already have? Have I not been coughing with COVID-positive? If I have not been infected, it is because I have something that the virus does not like, what is it trying to give me that prick? “, Says De Benito.

“It seems fine to me that they recommend the vaccine but I have the data by age group and anyone wonders, but what minimum risk am I assuming? That you are very afraid? Well, you get vaccinated … What do you have social phobia? Well, you laminate yourself and you don’t relate to anyone and that’s it and you die of disgust in isolation. Because what risk do you have, if two out of every thousand die? If they tell me that out of every thousand and two they die, I’ll bet I don’t get vaccinated. You will see how the discourse of many who are seeing that vaccines are changing the immune system is changing. There are many alterations. And what are we seeing. Things we had not seen before. And this is the beginning, but people believe that the side effects of vaccines are seen after 48 hours and no, these products, some at least, I do not know what each one will have, but there is already a run run among the health workers “, he concludes, in a talk in which there has hardly been any agreement and much perplexity about some of the statements that he has left.

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The entire talk can be played in the following audio.

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