Antigua Panamericana Sur: know the routes behind the diversion plan due to works on the new Lurín bridge

The Municipality of Lima reported that as of Friday, September 23, the diversion plan for heavy transport will be launched in the former Pan American Southbetween San Pedro and Lima avenues, for which alternate routes have been established for this type of vehicle.

From north to south, heavy cargo units coming from Av. Lima should turn right onto the former Panamericana Sur.

Then enter the road interchange towards the South Pan-American highway and go along Av. San Pedro to return to the old Panamericana Sur.

From south to north, the heavy transport that comes from the old Pan American South you will have to turn left onto Av. San Pedro, take the road Pan American Southgo through the old Panamericana Sur and turn into Av. Lima.

Finally, there will be a north-south contingency detour, where heavy cargo units coming from the Of. Lima should turn to Of. Las Palmasgo for the Av. Saenz Peñathe Of. Pablo Paulet, the Railway Ave.turn to the Av. Pachacutecthe street Los Rosales, Av. Manuel Valle and take the old Panamericana Sur.

The MML He pointed out that the action will be carried out because the current bridge “no longer meets the technical and safety specifications, so it needs to be replaced.”

“The implementation of the diversion plan will have the corresponding vertical signage, as well as the support of municipal transport inspectors, construction lookouts and traffic police to guide drivers and pedestrians,” they said in a statement.


-‘DNA Interviews’: There is no scientific explanation for the fact that in Mexico three strong earthquakes coincide on September 19 in different years.

The Milenio Radio journalist, Elisa Alanis, said that the seismic alert system allows warning up to a minute in advance of the arrival of the seismic wave in Mexico City. She added that compliance with the protocols by the population has saved lives.

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