Antiretrovirals in Outpatient Treatment Centers

The outpatient treatment centers are provided with the antiretrovirals necessary for the care of people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Aware of the importance of the said drugs which must be available and in sufficient quantity, the Gabonese government has agreed to an investment of just over one billion CFA francs to supply the ACTs with antiretrovirals which are already on the national territory at least. those of August.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong, Dr. Raïssa Okouyi Ndong, director of the Program for the fight against sexually transmitted infections and some officials of the outpatient treatment center recently took stock of the supply of these drugs. .

The order of antiretrovirals for 1 billion FCFA has been carried out since April. It is a will of the Gabonese head of state who decided that these drugs be free. Notwithstanding the context of Covid-19, the government has placed this important order for people with HIV who will be able to continue their treatment

“There is no shortage of antiretrovirals in Gabon. Opinion seems to forget that these drugs are ordered abroad and that with the Covid-19 crisis, the purchasing / delivery process has adapted to this crisis and has been done more slowly than ordinary “, said a source close to the National AIDS Control Program (PNLS).

The supply of antivirals was more complicated than usual due to a context of health crisis which weakened many sectors. Gabon has made every effort to ensure that there is no rupture, contrary to the statements of the representative of associations of people living with HIV.




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