Antoine Albeau in trials at La Palme, the first images

Place of these tests: La Palme (Aude), where FRA-192 broke the world speed record for the Nautical Mile in windsurfing (with an average of 43.04 knots) and the windfoil speed record (30.76 knots in July 2020). average), over the same distance.

Remember that Antoine Albeau and his team are currently involved in a project for the absolute world speed record in sailing. And the members of ZephirProject took advantage of the good conditions to test many configurations of equipment, as Antoine Albeau and Marc Amerigo explained to us this Wednesday, May 11th.

During these three days of testing, we separated the equipment by working only on the foil, only on the boards, only on the sail and only on Antoine’s positions in relation to all that. We have not yet worked on the association of the best configurations. We have also done data, by recording a lot of on-board data. It’s the first time we’ve done it with so many configurations tested (27 different!) and small prototypes, each time with data, feelings, debrief. We are up to speed, we have speeds that are close to those of Nico Goyard and above all with a lot of stability. Until now, Antoine was sailing with standard equipment and we found ourselves with very unstable 31-32 knots, today we manage to be around 37 stable knots. Although it is not yet an optimized configuration, these are different configurations that we have put together: we only work on the sails, then only on the foils, then on the boards.
This is a super interesting intermediate work phase for us. We leave with lots of modifications, improvements, we have a big list of tasks to do in order to push everything we have achieved even further! Today, we try to understand the existing while improving it, the objective is really to go very quickly without ever going into cavitation zones, such as marlin or swordfish! “the two men delivered to us.

Discover without further delay the first images of these test sessions, carried out by the team of the Prince of Speed !

Photo credit: Jean Souville