INTERVIEW – The boss of Ah! Productions tells us about the impact of the health crisis on the filming of its various programs for TFX, from “The Villa of Broken Hearts”, “The Battle of Couples”, through “Moms and Famous” and “JLC Family”.

LE FIGARO. – What impact has the health crisis had on the filming of Ah! Production’
Antoine HENRIQUET. – The new season of “The Villa of Broken Hearts” should already have been filmed and the antenna on TFX from the start of the new school year in September. We had to reorganize because most of our productions are shot abroad. The DNA of programs such as “La Villa” or “The Battle of Couples” is the large property in the sun and by the sea. We are finally going to shoot the new season of “La Villa” in the south of France in September and we hope to continue with “The battle” Saint-Domingue where our production site is located. If we were to leave the Dominican Republic, it would have a real economic impact. I could have left to shoot there now but I do not prefer to take this risk for my teams given the health situation on site.

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Insurance companies refuse to take on the risks associated with Covid-19 …
Exactly, you continue to be insured normally but if you are faced with a cancellation of filming due to the coronavirus, you are not covered. This means that you risk losing everything. When you cut a season along the way, you have to start all over again. Unlike cinema, we do not benefit from a support fund for the audiovisual sector in the event of a problem and this is regrettable. The risk for producers is really significant.


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