Anwar Ibrahim One Step Towards PM’s Chair


KUALA LUMPUR – Leader of the Malaysian opposition Anwar Ibrahim admitted that he was ready to form a new government because he received majority support in parliament. He is also looking for an opportunity to meet with the King of Malaysia to formalize the appointment as prime minister (PM).

Anwar must get the approval of the King of Malaysia to replace Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, saying he had the support of lawmakers meant “Muhyiddin will step down as PM”. “We have a strong and firm majority. I’m not talking about four, five, or six seats. I speak more than that, “said Anwar, reported by Reuters. He did not give a number, but it was closer to two-thirds or 222 members of parliament. (Read: This is the view of Ahli Riya on the Day of Judgment)

When pressed which member of parliament would support him Anwar, he will reveal his name after meeting the King of Malaysia. “We need a stable and strong government to run and save the country,” he said. He only said that he had the support of parliamentarians from various parties, including Pakatan Nasional (PN), a coalition of supporters of PM Muhyiddin.

Will Mahathir Mohamad join in providing support? “Not at this time, he might decide afterward,” he replied. He guaranteed this announcement was not a move to form a government behind the door. “This government has the mandate and support. Who will join will get good governance, anti-corruption, law enforcement and inclusive of all races and religions, “he said. This, he explained, was a clear and uncompromising position. “Traitors who left the PKR are not on the list,” he said.

Anwar explained that he had the support of parliamentarians from various parties after many parties expressed dissatisfaction with PM Muhyiddin’s leadership. “They want stable and accountable leadership to face crises and care about the suffering of all the people who are fighting against the economic pandemic,” he said. (Also read: The Ciliwung River Sodetan Project in Bidara China is hampered by compensation)

Anwar also revealed, he was supposed to meet the king yesterday at 11.00. However, the meeting was postponed because the king was being treated in hospital. He also claimed to have spoken with the king of Malaysia by telephone. The State Palace said that the King of Malaysia, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah, was indeed passing over to the National Heart Institute.

During the press conference, Anwar also criticized the current unstable government for being unable to control the crisis that has caused economic recession and racial tensions. “We do not see any efforts to mobilize state resources and capabilities to deal with the crises that lie ahead,” he said. It is precisely those involved, according to him, that the government distributes various positions, appointments and contracts.

Anwar stated that it was difficult for the public to know what the 70 ministers were doing because there was never any information about what was done in the cabinet. “After seven months in power, the PM never held a press conference after a cabinet meeting,” he criticized. (Also read: Riau Becomes the Center for Attention to Handling Forest and Land Fire)


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