anyone can buy the singer’s virtual model

No matter how long past sixty, Madonna doesn’t want to take notice of her age and is flooding her own social sites with a mass of sensual photos. This time, however, he got into something quite astonishing.

Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular, as are works of art that don’t even exist in reality. Collectors pay huge sums for non-replaceable tokens (NFTs) for those a for virtual works of art, which have a unique identifier. Madonna now added her name and body to such a token.

Madonna, Instagram

They scanned Madonna full body and made a lifelike virtual copy of the singer. The artwork Mother of Creation is an NFT collection sold for charity. The tokens also include a 3D model of Madonna’s vagina, which is shown in animated form, writes Glance.

A video introductory material was also made for the collection by clicking here you can watch it.