Anyone can stay III. in King Károly’s house in Transylvania

It is known that III. King Károly has a holiday home in Transylvania, where he liked to go as a prince to relax from the burdens of his duties. Now anyone can stay in this magical, authentic place.

The holiday complex hidden in the Zalán valley is made up of three properties, which await guests with seven double rooms. All of the rooms have traditional Transylvanian furniture, but in addition to pine, antique objects and embroidered textiles are also important elements of the interior.

Each room has its own bathroom, terrace and living room with a fully equipped kitchen.

There’s no Wi-Fi or TV here, but there’s plenty of house brandy and a high-end menu prepared by a local chef from the day’s fresh produce.

The accommodation also offers many relaxing services, horse-drawn carriage rides and horse-drawn sleigh rides are possible, but the wonderful scenery of the area also tempts you to go on longer or shorter tours.

It is known that King Károly bought one of the properties back in 2006, then returned in 2010 and bought the other houses as well. Now the prices for basic accommodation start at 49 euros per person per day, i.e. roughly HUF 20,000. In the case of the all-inclusive service, this rises to HUF 60,000.

(Source: RobbReport, photos: Facebook)

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