Yonnel Ponton, former winner of "Chasseurs d'appart '" was killed in a car accident last August during a stay with friends in Sardinia.
New drama for another Apartment Hunters' candidate. Remember, a few days ago, Télé Star told you about the death of a candidate of the famous M6 show. Julie Fauroux, laureate of the televised game in 2016, died after a serious car accident in Toulouse, this Saturday, September 8th. A few days later, we learn the death of another winner of the show. The face of Yonnel Ponton is surely familiar. And for good reason, this young real estate agent of 31 years had won last year the Chasseurs d'appart 'program, during the broadcast week of Monday, October 30 to Friday, November 3 on M6. While he was away on holiday in Sardinia, he lost his life with one of his friends in a terrible road accident in August last year.Yonnel Ponton and his friend Samuel Laporte were struck by an SUV while they were at the edge of a road, located between Cugnana and Portisco, reveals the Italian newspaper La Nuova. The two young men came out of a nightclub with friends, and asked their taxi to park on the side.A fatal traffic accidentOne of the people present during the tragedy told the Dauphiné Libéré newspaper: "We were a group of eight friends, all from the Grenoble region, and we had taken a taxi back from the nightclub, and at around 6am on the way home, Yonnel asked the taxi driver to stop to get some fresh air because he was not feeling very well. "Yonnel Ponton and Samuel Laporte were then out of the vehicle, accompanied by another friend:" The driver then explained that the place was dangerous and he turned around to park on the other side of the road, our three friends staying at the initial parking spot, at which point a vehicle arrived at high speed and struck Yonnel and Samuel "continues the close of the victims. The Italian newspaper says that the driver's blood alcohol test was negative.






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