Apex Legends in the future will become “more than just battle royale” / CD-Action

At the beginning of last year, the world was overcome with apexomania and through the eyes of our imagination we have already seen the work of Respawn Entertainment throw the famous Fortnite from the battleroyale throne. After the first successful months, the production lost its novelty, which led to a gradual outflow of players. Although Apex did not win the crown, it managed to maintain a strong position in the market, so we can be sure that it will stay with us for longer.

However, we do not know yet exactly in what form. The title will, of course, be available on the next generation thanks to backward compatibility (with crossplay etc.), but the developers still haven’t mentioned the version created especially for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S. She was also not mentioned on the occasion season 7 announcements (by the way, with its start, the game will debut on Steam).

Respawn is also aware that limiting Apex Legends to only battle royale mode does not necessarily have to be the right strategy. In an interview with British Eurogamer, Chad Grenier, the game’s director, said:

[…] Another question is: how can this be developed? [Dla gry] that means new players, new platforms, and new ways to play Apeks. Right now we have a battle royale game. Looking to the future: We have a lot of talks about whether we should go beyond battle royale. We have a group of Legends people love – how else can we use them? I think looking ahead you will probably see the game become more than just battle royale. You see, we have all these time-limited modes and other fun options – a great starting point in my opinion.

Grenier also admitted that the in-game map Olympus was originally something that the developers tried “in the context of Titanfall 3”. However, Apex eventually emerged from these experiments, and the creators decided to use these first projects – although significantly changed, because originally this location was to be part of the “three” campaign.

Season 7 of Apex Legends will begin November 4.



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