Apex Legends Mobile for iOS and Android will debut on May 17

First time about the mobile version Apex Legends we heard two years ago. Respawn he said loudly then that he was looking for new ways to show his own battle royale the world and to get to know this unique universe.

The game has since appeared on Switchuand inside the basic version, alternative modes like Aren have started to debut, which offer players a break from battle royale.

Now is the time for another, even bigger step towards brand development Apex Legends. On May 17, the game will appear on iOS and Android. As a result, closed tests and public beta available in specific regions are over, and the developers are finally ready to show their game to the whole world.

Unfortunately, we did not get to know any additional details on the occasion of the official announcement of the release date. As a result, we mainly rely on the opinions of beta test participants who suggested that it was a game very close to the PC version.

For EA Apex Legends Mobile could be another huge success. During the last financial report, we learned that live service brings the company enormous income, and Apex alone has exceeded two billion in income. If the mobilka is well received by the community, it may begin to compete with the version PC.