Apex Legends Mobile is the game of the week. Graphics, close to the PC and PlayStation versions

Apex Legends Mobile is the mobile version of the original Apex Legends game on PCs and consoles. The difference is that the pocket version is a stand-alone game. It has nothing to do with the original title. You start from scratch. Fortunately, the game was also made by the original creators, Respawn Entertainment. And it’s distributed by Electronic Arts. Now without FIFA.

Apex Legends Mobile has the same gameplay famous and adored by millions of players. You choose a hero from a selection – so far – modest, each with its own unique abilities. You look for other virtual cowboys for the team and start the game. Once you land on the ground, your goal is to eliminate the other teams in the characteristic Battle Royale style. Those who stand, in the end, win. Depending on the result or score you receive at the end of the round, you increase your level in the game and unlock other heroes.

The graphics of the game amazed me, to be honest. Visually, I didn’t expect him to get so close to his older brother, who recently received graphic design for the new generations of consoles. Okay, that doesn’t mean the pocket version looks like it was made for the PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox series. But for a mobile title I think it looks pretty advanced. And the best part is that it goes at 60 frames per second.

Of course, you have to have a high-performance phone to run the game at 60 frames per second. Something a year or two should be perfect.

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The game is successful, there is no doubt. We are delighted when a good game appears on the mobile. Especially if it comes from consoles and PCs.
Otherwise, increase play! You can find Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS phones and tablets. It’s free, of course.