Appeal to municipalities and schools in Baden-Württemberg – get greener

IPR and LUBW award “recycling paper-friendly municipalities” and “recycling paper-friendly schools”.

02.06.2022 – The IPR and the Sustainability Office of the LUBW – Baden-Württemberg State Institute for the Environment are continuing their successful cooperation and are now, for the fifth time in a row, recognizing municipalities and schools in Baden-Württemberg that procure recycled paper sustainably with the Blue Angel.

The recognition takes place under the umbrella of the nationwide sustainability platform “Green Procurement”, which IPR operates in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency and the Competence Center for Sustainable Procurement.

The appeal is aimed at all cities and municipalities in Baden-Württemberg with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants as well as all schools in Baden-Württemberg. If your municipality or school uses at least 70 percent office paper with the Blue Angel, you will receive a certificate for your exemplary commitment as well as the seal “recycling paper-friendly municipality” or “recycling paper-friendly school”. Participate with your current quota and your logo.

Further information:
appeal to municipalities
appeal to schools