Appearing Impressive in MotoGP 2020, Takaaki Nakagami Proves Honda Motorcycles Not Only for Marc Marquez – Marc Marquez is pleased to see the success of the LCR Honda team racer, Takaaki Nakagami, in presenting an impressive performance during his absence in the five series of MotoGP 2020 races.

Repsol Honda has indeed been losing ground since Marc Marquez was forced to miss due to his injury.

Since the Spanish racer was absent, Takaaki Nakagami suddenly became Honda’s spearhead.

Appearing for the satellite team, LCR Honda, Nakagami managed to appear more impressive than the other riders riding Honda motorcycles.

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In the five MotoGP 2020 races that have been held, Nakagami has become the Honda rider who has achieved the best results.

He even beat Marc Marquez’s teammate at Repsol Honda, Alex Marquez.

Driving on the 2019 version of the RC 213V, Takaaki Nakagami was able to undermine the opinion that Honda motorbikes were only made for Marc Marquez alone.

This was admitted directly by Marc Marquez.

In an interview, Marquez emphasized that he wanted the RC 213V to be “friendlier” and easier to use by other riders.

“It says Honda is made only for Marc Marquez, all riders have tested for the same parts and made the same comments,” said Marquez, as reported from All Circuit.

“I was the first person who wanted to have a bike that was more versatile for different racing styles and a little easier,” he added.

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The competitive performance shown by Takaaki Nakagami made Marc Marquez believe that the opinion that the Honda motorbike was only made for him, has no longer been proven.

Furthermore, the Spanish racer also believes that his data and feedback for the RC 213V have been used by Takaaki Nakagami so that he has succeeded in boosting his performance.

“In the end, Honda is still Honda, now Nakagami is pushing for that,” said Marquez.

“I know he used a lot of my data and now it works,” Marquez said.

At present, Honda cannot say much in the competition for the 2020 MotoGP world title.

Because, Marc Marquez, who is the 2019 world champion and a mainstay of Honda, will be absent for the next 2-3 months.

Meanwhile, Takaaki Nakagami is in fifth place in the 2020 MotoGP standings by collecting 46 points. (Agung Kurniawan)


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