Apple acquires Mobeewave start-up

M-Paiement: Apple acquires the start-up Mobeewave

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04/08/2020 16:10

Wanting to embark on payment solutions via smartphone, Apple recently got hold of the Canadian start-up, Mobeewave, to make its iPhone a reliable means of payment.

According to the Bloomberg agency, Apple has completed the purchase of the Canadian company Mobeewave, for a sum of 100 million dollars. The Canadian start-up specializes in contactless payment solutions, because it allows you to make any type of purchase with only a smartphone equipped with NFC. The company has made smartphones a receiver of information relating to any transaction, using point-to-point payment technology.

For its part, Apple sees this application as a real opportunity to complement its current payment service, Apple Pay. The technology developed by Mobeewave will be able to make the iPhone and iPad specific card readers, thus making it possible to carry out transactions via NFC.

The American giant has kept the entire workforce of Mobeewave, in order to continue on the same momentum and on the same vision adopted by the Canadian company.

Samsung was already on the job

Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, had already invested in the startup and even partnered with the Canadian company last year, as part of a pilot program for point-to-payment technology. point.

The American firm, which followed this experience very closely, considered that the results were very promising and that they agree perfectly with Apple’s future projects, in particular the deployment of payment via smartphone between individuals.

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