Apple and Amazon market capitalization, likely to blow off nearly 23 trillion yen-stock price plunge-Bloomberg

Stock prices of Apple and fell in after-hours trading on the 28th. Disappointing financial results and business outlook led to disappointing sales. If the price drops in the same way in regular trading on the 29th, the market capitalization of both companies could be blown away by a total of more than 200 billion dollars (22,710 billion yen).

Apple stocks fell by more than 5% at one point due to overtime trading. Supply constraints echoed July-September (4th quarter)Sales were below analysts’ expectations. Amazon stocks have fallen by the same amount. October-December (4th quarter)Sales outlook fell short of analysts’ expectations and costs were high for the quarterHe said operating profit could be zero.

Apple’s market capitalization at the end of regular trading on the 28th was about $ 2.52 trillion, and based on the number of shares issued at that time, an overtime decline in stock prices would correspond to a decrease in market capitalization of $ 126.1 billion. On the other hand, Amazon’s market capitalization is about $ 1.75 trillion, and a 5% drop after the settlement is equivalent to a decrease in market capitalization of more than $ 87 billion.

Both stocks have since reduced their declines, with Apple stocks down 3.6% and Amazon stocks down 3.7% at 6:30 pm New York time.

The fall in Apple and Amazon stocks cast a shadow over the tech industry’s closing season, which was followed by strong earnings announcements. Alphabet and Microsoft shares have risen more than 4% earlier this week as performance exceeded expectations.

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Apple and Amazon Stock Dives Set to Erase $200 Billion in Value(抜粋)