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Apple: BatteryGate, the return?

by archyw

Apple has been at the center of many controversies in recent years. The Cupertino company has been criticized on numerous occasions, whether for the absence of a charger in the cases of its iPhone 12, or, more seriously, for the operation of its App Store and the commission taken by the giant . But if we had to cite just one among the notable controversies, it would obviously be for many the #BatteryGate, on the occasion of which Apple had been accused of restricting the performance of iPhones whose batteries were worn out. A scandal that could soon have a sequel!

IPhone 12 series – Credit (s): Apple

Indeed, If we are to believe the Spanish-speaking site iphoneros, the Spanish consumer protection organization accuses the American giant of slowing down a number of models, including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone 12. An operation at idle which would be due to the last updates iOS 14.5, 14.51 and 14.6, which would have “significantly damaged consumer devices”, “drastically reduces the speed of the processor” and damaged the battery of these devices. Serious accusations which, if they were to be confirmed, could lead Apple again into turmoil!

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