For example, Foxconn has set up 60 production lines for the iPhone XR – of which only around 45 are currently in operation. This means that about 100,000 fewer phones would be produced per day than the previous more optimistic forecast provided.

At Pegatron plans for an expansion of production had been put on hold, it said, citing circles in the supplier industry on. The manufacturer Wistron, who often jumps in production bottlenecks, will not get any orders for the iPhone XR in this Christmas business.

Only one main camera – for 300 euros cheaper

The iPhone XR has the design of the top model XS, but is 300 euros cheaper with a price from 849 euros. It has only one main camera instead of two on the XS and the larger XS Max, as well as a cheaper LCD screen instead of an OLED display. Analysts believe that the XR model released at the end of October will have a large share of iPhone sales.

Sales forecasts for Christmas sales

Speculation about weakening iPhone demand based on information from the supplier industry has often been inaccurate in the past. However, the "Nikkei" report seems to have a different quality, as it refers to information from the circle of final manufacturers and not the many component suppliers.

Apple had recently disappointed the analysts with the sales forecast for the current Christmas business and at the same time announced that from this quarter, the sales figures of his devices no longer call.

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