Apple France launches “Vives Voix” to highlight diversity

Apple France is launching a Franco-French initiative, which is rare enough to be underlined. Called “Vives Voix”, it aims to give voice and amplify “The French voices that are making our society evolve towards a fairer and more inclusive model. “ The selected programs will be showcased on various Apple services during the month of July. The director of Apple services in Europe Daniel Matray explains the approach as follows:

With Vives Voix, we pay tribute to French talents who are contributing to change. It is with great pride that we offer creations on our services that go beyond entertainment by questioning our ideas about today’s society.

The creations of “Ambassadors” Vives Voix will therefore be highlighted, but also their lists of recommendations and inspiration. The press release specifies that “Vives Voix is ​​a new event to be found every year on Apple services in France. “ The personalities in the spotlight for this first edition are:

On Apple TV:

Sur Apple Music :

  • Yndi, musician, author of the album Black Brazil

  • Lala & Ce, rapper, author of the album Everything Tasteful

  • Anetha, DJ and label manager, initiator of the collective project Mama loves ya

Sur Apple Books et Apple Podcasts :

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