Apple glasses for virtual reality .. an expected revolution

date of publication :


03:02 2023-1-31

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04:08 2023-1-31

Opinion – monitor

Apple is preparing for a strong launch for its virtual reality glasses, which are expected to be unveiled during the spring period of this year.

According to the “Euro News” website, Apple is currently developing operating systems that allow potential users of these glasses to develop their own electronic applications that will be compatible with virtual reality.

This comes after reports were revealed that Apple is currently in talks with a large group of media and entertainment companies, in order to achieve compatibility between its expected virtual reality glasses, and the visual and audio entertainment services provided by these companies.

potential cost

According to the predictions published about the expected virtual reality glasses from Apple, the glasses, when officially unveiled, are expected to cost $3,000.

This cost is twice the cost of Mita’s virtual reality glasses, which were revealed during the past 2022, under the name “Meta Quest Pro”, and its cost is deliberately limited to $ 1,500.

Potential waiting

In a previous report by Bloomberg, it is expected that the new Apple glasses will be introduced to the market, with support for two high-resolution screens, which are customized for compatibility with Metaverse, in addition to external cameras for augmented reality.

Among the services that Apple will be keen to achieve compatibility with its new glasses is its Apple TV + digital broadcast service, in addition to Apple currently conducting talks with Disney platforms and a number of entertainment companies to take advantage of the broadcast and entertainment services it provides to users of the upcoming glasses.