Apple, harsh criticism after launching the new iPhone 12. Fans are angry at the tech giant

Apple customers are outraged that the new iPhone 12 smartphone will go on sale without a charger and headphones. The response of the representatives was that the new way to market the iPhone 12 will be more eco-friendly, wanting to impact the environment as little as possible by reducing the use of packaging materials.

Many potential buyers remain skeptical of the company’s statements that the only reason it does not include headphones and chargers in the price is the impact on the environment. After the launch of the new iPhone 12 on Tuesday, fans were disappointed when they found out that the phone costs $ 799, without a charger and headphones.

The new smartphone is $ 200 more expensive than the iPhone 11. Moreover, buyers will have to spend another $ 90 to purchase accessories that were recently included, such as headphones and charger.

The headphones are priced at $ 49.99, while the charger costs $ 39. Apple fans say the tech giant is hungry for money and wants to impose new payments on its buyers. It is clear that no one would want to buy a smartphone without a headset or charger, and Apple has relied on this to make a profit.

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