Apple recently unveiled new versions of its four major operating systems, including iOS, TVOS, WatchOS and MacOS, with new updates providing iOS 12.1.1, TVOS 12.1.1, MacOS 10.12.2 and WatchOS 5.1.2 operating systems.

According to the US 9to5Mac website, since these updates are still in the trial version, only users who have registered in the trial software can access them, while the report explained that the beta versions of iOS and tvOS come with many reforms as noted in previous versions. .

The watchOS 5.1.2 update is expected to display more data on the clock, which may include these messages, mail, home page, etc. The company also provided iOS 12.1.1 with a better user interface for the famous FaceTime application, and users can also take pictures Live and see the updated Apple Watch app icon that looks like the watch watch icon.



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