Apple is preparing a revolution. iPhone 15 will work even when turned off. An important feature will also disappear

Apple wants to surprise its fans by offering a lot of news in the upcoming iPhone 15. Smartphones are supposed to get a new, ultra-saving microprocessor that will work when the phone is turned off. A unique feature well known to iPhone users will also disappear, and this is not the end of the news.

Apple has not been famous for overly innovative or groundbreaking solutions recently and introduces all new products very carefully so as not to alienate users. No wonder that in recent years the successive generations of iPhones almost did not differ from each other (in the Android world it is not much better). Of course, every year we got a new, even faster processor, an improved screen and some software changes. However, there was nothing that Apple would surprise at the premiere.

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The iPhone 15 is supposed to stay awake even when turned off

However, with the premiere of the iPhone 15 (which will probably take place in September), this should change. As reported by a reliable user of the MacRumors forum (already known for leaks about Dynamic Island), Apple will equip its new smartphones with the note Pro (i.e. iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max) with a special, highly energy-saving microprocessor capable of supporting the iPhone in standby, even when it is turned off or discharged. This element is to replace the current low energy mode, which in the iPhone 14 is supported by the main processor of the phone.

This change does not make sense at all. The microprocessor will take over all the functions that work when the smartphone is turned off – Apple Pay payments and the ability to use Bluetooth to send location information to other devices in the ecosystem (needed to use the Find function). It will be much more economical than the current solution, which means that an almost discharged iPhone will be able to stand by much longer when it is turned off.

The main reason for the changes, however, is the replacement of the physical volume and power buttons with touch-sensitive counterparts. For some reason, Apple decided that the era of buttons, which we can feel with our finger on the edge of the phone, is going away and is to offer capacitive buttons in their place. Adding a microprocessor was necessary to make the virtual buttons work even when the phone is turned off or discharged. Apparently, Apple is still considering whether to equip the iPhone 15 with a gentle vibration that would inform the user about a successful button click.

Gone is a feature that has been a distinguishing feature of the iPhone for years

What’s more, Apple is also considering using a touch strip on the edge, which will be responsible for smoother volume control than before. According to some leaks, the strap is also supposed to detect finger pressure and quickly turn down or turn up the phone volume. As if that wasn’t enough, the American company will also reportedly remove the smartphone’s physical quick mute slider, a feature that has been a distinguishing feature of iPhones for years. Certainly, many users have gotten used to it.

However, there is speculation about adding a multifunctional button that will trigger the action selected by the user – for example, turning on the flashlight or taking a screenshot. A similar solution was used by Apple in its top watch – Watch Ultra. This year’s iPhones 15 are also to be equipped with a USB type C socket for charging and data transfer, which was forced on Apple by European Union regulations. However, according to some leaks, the iPhone manufacturer may add a security feature that prevents the use of third-party cables.

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