Apple is testing a new generation

9To5Mac has discovered something interesting in tvOS of all things.

Testing first on tvOS

For Apple’s TV-OS is far from the most exciting. Not only has almost zero happened to the interface and functions, but traditionally nothing leaks from this code. Until now.

For the Apple blog has found a new language model with new functions. The codename is “Bobcat” and Apple started testing it first with tvOS 16.4, at least openly. The technology will find its way to the other OSes and products to improve Siri.

Backed up by NYT reportage

As it is now, Apple only uses the language model to tell jokes, but now the company will take it completely out and try timers as well.

As we wrote when we reported on The New York Times’ report on Siri, the assistant is far from smart, at least it wasn’t before:

“John Burkey spoke to The Times. As a former Apple Siri developer in 2014, he has knowledge of the product that no one else has. According to Burkey, the platform was so poorly coded that it took weeks to add basic features.”

At the same time, 9To5Mac can confirm what was also revealed in the NYT article that Apple is working on an advanced language model. Of course, Apple is not working on a ChatGPT rival, but at least there are great opportunities to finally raise Siri to an acceptable level.