Apple announced today the launch of a new SSD service program for the 13-inch MacBook Pro Sans Touch Bar after finding that the 128- and 256-GB SSDs of a limited number of these machines have a data loss and data loss problem can cause a failure of the drive.

Apple says the 13-inch MacBook Pro Models with affected drives were sold between June 2017 and June 2018. Apple makes these drives available for free.

MacBook Pro Owners can enter their serial number on the announcement page of the program to see if their machines are eligible for service. Apple recommends servicing affected computers as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

13 inches MacBook Pro Models with touch bar and older 13-inch MacBook Pro Models are not affected.

Customers must visit an Apple retail location, an Apple-authorized service provider, or contact Apple Support for mail-in repair. Apple says that all machines that need service should be backed up first, with the company explaining the repair steps:

Before servicing, it is important to perform a full backup of your data as your hard disk is deleted as part of the service process.

– A technician runs a utility to update the firmware of your drive. This takes about an hour or less.

– Your 13-inch MacBook Pro will be returned to you with newly installed macOS.

– After the service, you must restore your data from a backup.

Apple also recommends that you use another device, such as Apple. For example, an iPhone may be available to display the Apple Support article with details about restoring data from a backup, as the Mac in question will not be able to access the Internet until it has been updated.

Apple says files damaged because of this issue can not be recovered MacBook Pro If this interferes with the ability to service the drive, this must be addressed first, possibly at the expense of the customer.

The program covers affected people MacBook Pro Models for three years after the device's first retail sale, but does not extend the standard 13-inch series warranty MacBook Pro, Customers who have already paid a repair for a drive failure can contact Apple Support for a refund.



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