Apple makes iPhone screen optimal even when used to type in water and rain

INDOZONE.ID – Apple has just received new patent approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent will allow users of the next iPhone series to be resistant to splashing water.

adapted Phone Arena Wednesday (6/7/2022), Apple will modify the functionality of its electronic devices to have resistance to moisture exposure.

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It is undeniable that there are now many devices that have waterproof certification. But most of them don’t have the ability to easily type on a wet screen or with wet fingers.

With the new patent, the company created by Steve Jobs will plan to make it easier to operate the iPhone screen when it’s wet or damp, using technology that will detect “fake touch” from the water.

The patent technology that Apple will develop will later deny any form of sensor or “fake touch” on the device, such as when it rains, or even if the handset is used underwater.

On-screen controls will also be matched to user-selected buttons to minimize errors in on-screen touch or pressure input.

Apple also provides a description of the water depth where the device is located, so users can continue to adjust their use according to the device’s water resistance limits.

However, the technology giant has not provided further information when the technology will begin to be embedded in its latest devices.

Author: Safira Meidina

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