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A. Présentation d’Apple Music For Artists :

Apple Music for Artists is a platform dedicated to artists so that they can access the modifications of their page and see the evolution of their releases.

    1. You will be able to modify and update your artist profile picture.
  1. You will have access to all the statistics of your songs / albums on Apple Music, sales on the iTunes Store as well as Shazam data (Shazam was bought by Apple in 2018).

B. Application for access to Apple Music For Artists:

  1. You must register with an Apple ID. Either with your personal Apple ID or with your work email address but for that you will need to create an Apple ID with this email address. To create an Apple ID it’s here.

  1. Once your username is in your pocket, you can go to the platform at this address and log in by clicking on “registration”:

  1. Look for the name of the artist you claim:

Fill in the information requested by Apple to justify your access to Apple Music For Artists:

The more information you provide, the more likely you are to have access to your Apple Music For Artists page.

In the “Remarks” box:

  • You can put information such as UPC and ISRC barcodes * of your outputs proving that you have access to certain information.
  • Indicate that you are distributed by Wiseband.

* To get your bar code UPC and ISRC code, connect to your Wiseband space. Go to the menu ” Distribution Digitale, Actions, Metadata single or album« .

C. Modification page artiste via Apple Music For Artists

As an artist, manager or label, you are authorized to modify the profile picture of the artist in question. Please follow Apple’s recommendations for artist photos, otherwise your new photo will not be accepted.

C.1 Profile picture

  • The dimensions of the photo must be 2400x2400px minimum
  • The artist’s head must be well centered
  • The image should be of good quality, no blur

Photoshop Template : Download Apple Artist Image Template

C.2 Biographie Apple Music For Artists

The biography on Apple Music is updated by the service TiVo, we are not yet partners of this structure at present. You can write a email at with the following information:

  • Biography
  • Project creation date
  • City
  • Apple Music artist page link
  • The UPC code of your last outing
  • Distributor Name (Wiseband)

C.3 Social media links

Apple Music does not provide information on the artist’s social networks at this time.

C.4 Further information


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