Apple Music launches new subscription model integrated with Siri

Apple has introduced a new subscription option for its music streaming platform that limits users to playing music only by voice control.

Significantly cheaper than its biggest rival, Spotify, the new plan costs $ 5 a month, about half the cost of the standard Apple Music and Spotify subscription models.

Users who are subscribed to this plan can access the entire catalog of 90 million songs from Apple Music, but will be much more limited when it comes to searching for songs or controlling playback in the mobile phone application.

All playback is done by voice control. This means that, although certain songs and playlists may be requested, it will not be possible to browse an artist’s catalog or search for a specific song within a playlist.

Some users may find the plan difficult to use in public spaces, such as open-plan offices and public transportation, as it requires you to loudly announce to Siri – and everyone around you – what you want to hear.

In order to access full control of the entire application and the normal search function, users will have to opt for the standard Apple Music plan, which costs $ 10 per month.