Apple Music makes noise on the PlayStation 5

It had been hanging out behind the scenes for a few days, but here we are finally officially: gamers lucky enough to own a PlayStation 5 can now enjoy some 90 million songs in Apple Music’s catalog. Sony has just announced the support of the streaming service for its next-generation console, which is still just as difficult to buy.

In addition to the songs themselves, Apple Music subscribers will be able to watch the platform’s clips and listen to the radios, even in the background, including during a game! Just press the PS button on their controller before starting a game or during the game to access the control center, select the Music option and then choose Apple Music. So far, only Spotify has been available on the PS5.

Unlike the Apple TV app which is widely available on many platforms, Apple Music is still a bit shy although there is an Android version and on the web (and even from iTunes on Windows!), Apps Sonos, Echo and Nest, and also on Samsung Smart TVs.