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Apple: new products made with 100% recycled aluminum

The computer giant Apple has just unveiled its new MacBook Air. This model was created ecologically with 100% recycled aluminum

Apple unveiled Tuesday, October 30, in New York three products to know the MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro.

The finer MacBook Air

The first MacBook Air had been revealed ten years ago, from the time of the former CEO, the late Steve Jobs. Its thickness was 1.94 cm. The new model of MacBook Air as for him is more and more thin with 1,56 cm of thickness. It has 128 gigabytes of memory.

This latest version of the MacBook was revealed by Tim Cook, the current CEO ofApple. This version is made respecting the ecology, he says. Recycled elements namely from the100% recycled aluminum35% plastic was used for manufacturing, reducing its carbon footprint by half. This new model will be marketed in the United States on November 7 at $ 1,199.

The Mac Mini CPU

Except MacBook Air, Apple also introduced the central unit Mac Mini. It is made withfully recycled aluminum but also second-hand plastic at 60%. The use of recycled materials is one of the objectives announced in April 2017 by the giant. The Mac Mini will be sold for 799 dollars.

The new iPad Pro

As for the new iPad Pro, its screen is 27.9 cm diagonal in the basic model. It no longer has a central button or "home". Its thickness has been reduced to 5.9 mm with processor speed and enhanced capabilities. To get this iPad, it will cost $ 799, against 649 for the entry model currently on the market.

Apple, with the use of recycled products, is ranked among IT companies that respect the environment most by the NGO Greenpeace.

(Source: West France)



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