Apple now allows subscription apps to automatically charge you more

A hot potato: If you subscribe to a service through an App Store app, you might want to pay attention to the emails or notifications it sends. Apple has just changed its policy so that developers can increase the price of subscriptions and keep users signed up without needing their permission.

New App Store rules state that subscriptions can now auto-renew even when prices have increased. Previously, users had to register to renew their subscriptions if there had been a recent price hike.

The good news is that users will receive emails, push notifications, and in-app notifications about the next renewal of a subscription that has become more expensive.

Apple now allows subscription apps to automatically bill you

Additionally, developers are limited to how much they can increase the price of their subscription before it requires user consent to renew. If it increases by more than 50% and the difference is more than $5, it is not eligible for automatic renewal. It can increase more than 50% on annual subscriptions, but the price difference cannot exceed $50 without user permission.

Another important factor is that automatic renewals of more expensive subscriptions may only occur once a year – any other will require activation. This should prevent shady developers from repeatedly increasing their subscriptions by small amounts over 12 months in the hope that users won’t. notice.

Apple says it implemented the change because some users missed notifications to sign up when a subscription price went up, causing a service disruption and forcing them to sign up again. But it’s hard to imagine most people being happy with the new policy, despite what Apple thinks.