Apple obtains customs tax exemption for Apple Watch

In early November, Apple was requesting new customs tax exemptions for several of its products and components produced in China. At least one has been granted by the USTR, the Office of the Trade Representatives of the United States: the Apple Watch will not be hit by these tariffs, according to a decision of this body dating back to Friday.

Donald Trump had imposed a 15% customs barrier on a list of products in September, before halving the tax on February 15 following an agreement with China. Apple believes that its connected watch is not of a strategic nature and that it could therefore benefit from an exemption. Furthermore, the manufacturer could not identify other sources outside of China that would be able to meet American demand for this product.

We have no news yet of other devices and components which Apple would like to have tariffs lifted: HomePod, iMac, AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, storage for the Mac Pro, as well as batteries.


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