Apple Park is the first to enable the Tap to Pay function of iPhone credit card machine (with video)

Apple launched the “Tap to Pay” function for the iPhone in February this year, which can allow the iPhone to become a credit card machine function, and use the contactless (Contactless) to allow Apple Pay, sensor chip credit cards and debit cards to pay quickly. The current Tap to Pay on iPhone The function has not yet been opened for stores, but it has been preemptively enabled in Apple Park.

Although the Tap to Pay function has not been officially enabled in iOS 15, if the latest iOS 15.5 beta code shows that Apple has actively prepared the Tap to Pay service, I believe that the Apple Pay Cash payment and collection function will be integrated in iOS 16 as soon as possible. Allowing iPhone users to transfer and receive money by bringing their phones close to each other has achieved contactless payments.

It is understood that the Apple Park Visitor Center of Apple Park is the first to enable the Tap to Pay function. From the videos shared by foreign users, you can find out how Tap to Pay works. After the employees of the Apple Store directly enter the payment amount through the iPhone, they enter the Tap to Pay collection. After the mode, consumers can pay immediately when they are close to the iPhone as long as the iPhone is turned on in Apple Pay mode.

It can be seen that the Apple Park Visitor Center or the Apple Store directly operated by Apple has become a testing and experimental site for Tap to Pay. After everything is in normal operation, Apple will bring the service to the world, which can effectively avoid the Tap to Pay service function. error on.

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