Apple releases iOS 16.3 update, supporting physical security devices for the first time

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Eric Chan / Engadget

Apple launched the iOS 16.3 system update on the third day of the Lunar New Year today. The focus is to improve the security of its iPhones. For the first time, it supports the physical security device as the second-step authentication method of Apple ID. For celebrities, journalists, government officials and other sensitive persons, their account security is extremely risky, so the general email + password is never enough, and the 2FA authentication code received by SMS or phone may also be intercepted, so the entity A security device such as a YubiKey is a high-security option. YubiKey is like a USB memory, plug it into iPhone to authenticate. In order to correspond to different sockets, YubiKey has also added NFC recently, and even a version with fingerprint authentication.

The iPhone, on the other hand, has an emergency call shortcut that is triggered by pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. Although practical, there is a risk of accidental touch being confused with the captured image, which becomes an inconvenience to emergency units. After upgrading to iOS 16.3, the user needs to press and hold the two buttons before releasing it, and the iPhone will officially make an emergency call, giving the user the opportunity to cancel the call. In the same update, bugs that the Freeform app failed to display strokes in collaboration mode, horizontal lines on the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen, etc. were also fixed. Of course, compatibility with the second-generation HomePod was also added.

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