Apple releases iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 for developers to test. See a summary of the new features here.

After allowing developers to test iOS 16 less than a month ago, Apple has released iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 Let developers test it. It comes with many new features, such as backing up data via LTE or 5G.

iOS 16 Developer Beta 2

iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 comes with Build Number : 20A5303i

New Features in iOS 16 Developer Beta 2

Added an option to customize the background image in the Lock Screen.

There is a filter option to customize the background in the lock screen more. You can choose DuoTone or Color Wash.

edit background image

If the user selects an image to set as the background image There will be a prompt suggesting “Pinch to Crop” to let users know they can spread their fingers to position, reposition, or crop the image.

Customize background image in settings.

To set the background image in settings There will be a new menu called “Customize” on the background of the Lock Screen and the Home screen for users to easily tap to customize. or choose a new background image

Backup via LTE

Users can now back up their iPhone, iPad via LTE, 5G, or Wi-Fi. Previously, only 5G, Wi-Fi could be backed up, but iOS 16 now allows users to back up over LTE.

Specifies the Astronomy background position.

If a user uses an Astronomy background image, there will be a green dot on the background image indicating where we are in the world. But the green dot stays for a while and disappears on its own.

Animated Astronomy Wallpaper Now supported on older iPhones too.


After the screen capture is complete There will be a new menu called “Save to Quick Note” that allows users to save screenshots to Quick note.

Remove Lock Screen

Users can swipe up in the Lock Screen edit page to select to remove unusable screens.

SMS message filter

Developers can customize SMS message filter from unknown numbers up to 12 categories.

translate language

The translator app supports Thai and Turkish, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch.

(It was reported by those who updated that Thai language is not supported at this time)

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iOS 16 is still a test version.

As of now, iOS 16 is still a Developer Beta version, or a test version for developers. The Public Beta version that will allow general users to register for testing will open for registration in July 65. Private, the official version will be Release updates at the end of 65 this year.