Last year saw one of the best memes sure Apple never seen: the atypical design of the Mac Pro then announced it didn’t even need touching up for the device to be unofficially named the most expensive cheese grater on the market. Smart guys have taken the test, the machine is unfortunately very bad at this task, so it will be enough to use it as a desktop computer boosted hormones. Anyway, Apple has just put it online on its store dedicated to device sales reconditioned.

The total price is lowered by almost 15%, which despite everything represents a significant saving when the new price of the device rises to several thousand dollars. MacRumors says the cheapest is offered at $ 5.349 counting the 16Gb of RAM which brings the new price to $ 6,299, the savings for those wishing to purchase it are therefore substantial. The most expensive is offered to $ 22,439, or $ 4,000 cheaper than its factory version. This refurbished department is sold with the same promises as the new one, a one year warranty which can be extended thanks to theAppleCare +.