Apple stops using Intel processors: the reasons

The company stressed that the change will allow these devices to be compatible with iPhone and iPad apps. How it affects the industry

Apple announced during its developer event WWDC20 this monday what will start producing its own processors for its line of Mac laptops under the name of Apple Silicon, as an alternative to the Intel processors that it used until now.

The company highlighted that the change will allow these devices to be compatible with iPhone and iPad apps, thanks to its brand new operating system, MacOS Big Sur, which was also presented this Monday. The move “kicks the board” in the industry and heralds a new era in personal computing.

The US company, which has considered it a “historic change” for the Mac line, will use architectures for devices in its ecosystem such as mobile phones and tablets, which already use its own processors created by Apple.

Processors Apple Silicon they will focus on performance, while reducing energy consumption and improving battery life. Combined with the use of neural units, the company hopes to achieve improved graphics performance, as well as in computing for the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Apple prepares for a new era in computing

Also, Apple’s new family of processors for Mac promises a “seamless integration” with software developed by Apple, allowing all applications to be adapted to the use of the new chips by using the company’s Xcode language.

On the other hand, the presentation highlighted that the integration with the Microsoft Office application package has been improved with the arrival of these processors, as well as with other professional applications such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, in which it is already possible to process three videos at the same time and trim videos with neural processes intelligently.

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The chips come together with Rosetta 2, the new version of an application that allows you to automatically install the apps from another device, and that adds improvements for video games or integration with Linux.

This ‘software’ will allow users to also use iPhone or iPad applications on Mac computers.

The US company has also analyzed a Quick App program so that developers can further advance the process of creating new applications, and has also announced new transition ‘kits’ for developers using the company’s new processors.

Apple has assured that it will continue developing new versions of its macOS system compatible with Mac computers with Intel processors for “years”, with at least two years of official support.


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