Apple Store: support, battery and protection for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and AirTags

Several small accessories have been added to the Apple Store’s offer this weekend, most of them protection-oriented. First there is the support entrance HoverBar Duo de Twelve South. This articulated foot allows you to suspend an iPad in height (the clamp can also hold an iPhone in landscape).

HoverBar Duo 2

This is the new version of this product (the previous version of which was also sold on the Store), with a faster system for detaching the foot and alternating between the two modes of use (read HoverBar Duo 2: the articulated arm for iPad and iPhone is more mobile and retails for €89.95 in black only.

For Macs (or iPads if applicable) there is a new choice of sleeves or bags. The little bag Stow Lite Sleeve de Native Union is intended for MacBook Pro 14 and 16″. It is made of recycled polyester, black, and costs €49.95

Stow Lite Sleeve

The sacoche A.R.C. d’Incasewith handle and shoulder strap, offers more compartments, to simultaneously store an iPad as well as a laptop up to 16″. A small special AirTags compartment has been provided and you can slip your iPhone into the outside pocket. The set is in durable and recycled polyester, black colour, sold for €109.95.


For the MacBook Pro 13, 14 and 16″, there is a regular from the Apple Store, the sleeve Compact Sleeve d’Incase nylon. It has a second housing closed to the outside. Available in dark blue, black and burgundy, it costs €54.95.

Compact Sleeve

Otherwise, there is the cover Stow Slim Sleeve de Native Union for 14 and 16″, with an envelope-style opening and a slot on the front to slide a cable. It is available in blue and gray for €79.95.

Stow Slim Sleeve

All the small accessories that come with Macs, iPads or iPhones, such as cables, chargers, AirPods, batteries… can be brought together in the organizer W.F.A Tech Organizer de Native Union. Made of recycled polyester, it is in black, sold for €39.95.

W.F.A Tech Organizer

The MacBook Air M2 is entitled to its integrated protection with the shell Hardshell Dots d’Incase which covers the entire laptop. This rigid and integral dress is available in transparent or black versions at €59.95.

Hardshell Dots

For the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and Pro Max, there is the collection Core Series d’OtterBox with a slightly rough material made from recycled waste. The accessory integrates the MagSafe, it is available in four versions with dominant blue, purple, black and gray, for €54.95.

Core Series

For the AirTags, there are the cases Evo Shimmer by Tech21 that surround the beacon (its faces are not protected) and can be suspended using the carabiner. There are “glittering” color effects according to the description. These cases are sold in pairs, at €34.95.

Evo Shimmer

Another solution for AirTags, the Incase keychain in Woolenex. It is sold for €24.95 in burgundy, black and pink.

Finally, for recharging on the go, Apple has added the external battery Mophie Powerstation Plus 10K. Its 10,000 mAh battery can provide up to 27W of power, it integrates two Lightning and USB-C cables to fill two devices at the same time. It costs €99.95.

Powerstation plus 10K