Apple sues Israeli company NSO, saying its spyware attacks iPhone users and assists in monitoring human rights defenders-BBC News

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NSO claims that it only cooperates with institutions with a good human rights record.

Apple (Apple) filed a lawsuit against Israel’s NSO Group and its parent company, demanding that the other party be held responsible for the surveillance of Apple users.

Apple claims that NSO Group used spyware (software) called “Pegasus” to invade iPhone users. The lawsuit seeks to prohibit NSO Group from further using Apple’s products and services to harm individuals. Apple also applied for a permanent injunction. NSO Group is prohibited from using any Apple software, services or devices.

NSO Group completely denies Apple’s allegations, saying that the company only provides relevant software to the military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies of countries with “good human rights records.”

Targeting activists?

The “Pegasus” software is alleged to be able to invade iPhone and Android devices, allowing software operators to extract the victim’s mobile phone text messages, photos and emails, record the content of the call, and secretly activate the phone’s microphone and camera.