‘Apple tests foldable iPhone in Foxconn factory’ | NOW

Apple shipped early prototypes of folding iPhone to Foxconn factory for testing, insiders say Monday Economic Daily News.

Based on the tests, Apple determines whether OLEDs or Micro LEDs should be used in the screen. With a higher brightness and longer lifespan, microled is seen as the successor to OLED.

More and more competitors of Apple are making foldable smartphones. A flexible screen makes the phones bendable so that a large screen can be folded and fits in a pocket.

The foldable smartphone should be on the market in September 2022, according to the sources. According to previous rumors, the iPhone 13 is planned for 2021, which is very similar to the current iPhone 12.

Foxconn must also test how many times the device can be opened and closed without breaking. More than 100,000 folding movements are made.

Competitive foldable telephones were found to break relatively quickly with frequent use, because, for example, dirt can get into the hinge.



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