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Apple Watch is said to have recorded the murder of Chashukchi – Trump threatens Saudi Arabia

IstanbulAccording to a Turkish media report, the disappeared Saudi government critic Jamal Chashukchi has recorded his murder with an Apple computer clock. The big Turkish newspaper "Sabah" reported on Saturday that the journalist had turned on a recording function on his Apple Watch before entering the Saudi Arabian consulate.

His cell phone, which he had given to his fiancee waiting in front of the Consulate, had been synchronized with the clock on his wrist. So the sounds were stored during his execution in Apple's data storage iCloud.

However, after the publication of the "Sabah" article, doubts arose about the Turkish version. Saudi Arabia had denied any blame for the dissolution of the regime critic before the report was published. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the Kingdom sees itself blamed for false accusations.

US President Donald Trump threatened Saturday with "grave fines" should Saudi Arabia be behind the disappearance of Hashkhuki. Trump, who has been close to the country since joining the White House, said in an interview with CBS News that Saudi Arabia was behind the disappearance of Hashkhuki. An investigation is underway, according to the US president.

Trump announced to call the Saudi King Salman over the weekend. "I think it's appropriate for me to ask him what's going on." In the interview, he also said he was again against canceling a $ 110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. "We would punish ourselves if we did that," he said.

"If they do not buy from us then they will buy it from Russia or they will buy it from China or they will buy it from other countries," Trump said. He pointed to the many jobs in the US, which would be affected. "I do not want to endanger jobs. I do not want to lose a job like this. And you know, there are other ways of punishment. "He did not name details.

According to the "Sabah" report, the Turkish intelligence service MIT and the police would have evaluated the data that was transferred to the iCloud storage. iCloud is an Apple service that allows data to be stored and synced across multiple devices.

Did the Turkish secret service intercept the Saudi Arabian consulate?

"The moments in which the assassination team dealt with Hashkuchi were recorded minute by minute," the authors write. The perpetrators would have tried to delete some data. "Sabah" refers to "trusted sources".

However, an Apple Watch is always linked to an iPhone of the owner, with whom it usually exchanges data via Bluetooth radio. The Bluetooth signal has a range of a few meters, so Chashukchi's fiancé must have stood with his iPhone very close to the consulate building, so that the two devices could maintain this connection.

Chashukchi could also have worn a version of the Apple Watch, which is directly connected to the mobile network and transmitted data without the detour via the iPhone or a WLAN. On a photo of Mai, which found the technology blog "Techcrunch", he is seen with such a clock. However, there is currently no Turkish mobile service provider that supports this feature.

The Apple Watch has a microphone, and there are several apps that can be used to make voice recordings on the Apple Watch and transfer it to an iPhone or iCloud. Mostly, the transmission only follows after completion of the recording. At the same time Chaschukschi would have been able to start a call on the clock with existing radio connection to his phone, a wireless network or the mobile network just before entering the consulate, with all ambient noise would have been transmitted.

In addition, the clock's data could provide clues to the fate of Hashkhyz, because it records and transmits health information such as heart rate and motion activity. For this she also needs a radio connection and must be unlocked. The device locks automatically when it is removed from the wrist.

Kashuki had entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on October 2 to collect papers for his wedding with a Turkish woman. Since then he is missing. The journalist published in Western media under the English spelling of his name, Jamal Khashoggi.

Turkish government circles scatter over the media for days the thesis that Hashkeshee had been murdered in the consulate. They reveal increasingly gruesome details. As a result, more and more often the question arises as to how the investigators came to their findings and whether they spied the diplomatic representation possibly with listening devices.

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu deplores lack of cooperation

The security expert of the US station CNN, Robert Baer, ​​suspects a wiretapping by the Turkish secret service. "I think that's how they probably got it. But the Turks are very reluctant to admit that, "Baer said.

A Washington Post report, citing the Turkish government on the night of Friday, said there was not just audio but also video. These are therefore to prove that Hashkeshee was murdered in the consulate.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu complained Saturday about a lack of cooperation by the Saudi Arabian government. According to the state news agency Anadolu, he said, "We have not yet seen cooperation for the good of investigating and clarifying the matter. We want to see them. "

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Saudi Arabia should finally give the Turkish public prosecutor and investigators access to the consulate. The promise had been made by the Saudi Arabian Government days before, but has not been fulfilled.

The case attracts much attention in the US because Kashuki lived there in exile and also wrote articles for the Washington Post. The newspaper reported as before the Turkish news agency Anadolu, on the morning of October 2, a 15-member team from the Saudi capital Riyadh traveled with two private planes to Istanbul and then drove to the consulate.

Anadolu said the Turkish authorities searched a group of Saudis and their private aircraft at Atatürk Airport on October 2 but found nothing. The "pictures that Sabah" published by the 15-member team apparently came from cameras during passport control at the airport. It is an "assassination team" wrote the government-related newspaper.



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