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Apple Watch rescues 80-year-old>

Better advertisement than a deployment report of the professional fire department Munich, Apple can not wish for the current generation of the Apple Watch – and Cupertino is quite aware of this.

Apple Watch Fall detection info

So informed this fire brigade of the Free State currently via an automatically remote emergency call on Saturday. On the evening of April 13, an 80-year-old woman fell in her apartment and, thanks to her wristwatch, unconsciously dropped off the necessary emergency call.

On inquiry of the fire-brigade Munich confirmed that it had acted with the wristwatch to an Apple Watch 4.

For the case in Haidhausen, the Munich Fire Department is executing:

Her watch was equipped with a fall detection system and alerted the emergency services after the fall. A dispatcher in the integrated control center accepted the emergency call. He heard a band announcement telling him that a person had fallen heavily. Likewise, the clock transmitted the coordinates of the scene of the accident. The police used the data to identify an address to which an ambulance had been alerted. The ambulance crew found that the door was locked and the retiree could not open it.

Then they called for the fire department, which opened the apartment door by force. During this action, the smartwatch alarmed the son, who had deposited his phone number as an emergency number. Since the woman was not injured, the ambulance crew cared her only until the arrival of the son. He took over the further care.

The fall detection of the Apple Watch Series 4 is disabled at the factory (for persons under the age of 65) and must be turned on manually during initial setup. If the user chooses to enable fall detection, the Apple Watch alerts you to possible false positives with the following warning message: "The more you are physically active, the more likely it is that the fall detection will be due to activity with violent movements like action , is triggered. "


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