Apple Watch Series 6 Shows Poor Accuracy With Calorie Tracking: Report

Apple Watch is considered one of the best wearables out there right now, and the smartwatch for those in the iOS ecosystem. Apple Watch models are also considered very accurate with tracking metrics like heart rate, sleep, and calories burned. However, a new report suggests that the Apple Watch Series 6 may not be the best with the latter.

Research carried out by a team from the Université du Québec à Montréal, first detected by Gadgets360evaluated the accuracy of these wearable devices for measuring various body data. Based on the findings, the team concluded that three popular wearable devices offered poor tracking accuracy when it came to power expenditure.

The three wearables used in the study included the Apple Watch Series 6, the Polar Vantage V, and the Fitbit Sense. To determine the accuracy of these wearable devices, the research team used the Polar H10 chest strap and the MetaMax 3B spiroergometer as reference devices.

The research test was carried out with 60 young people, 30 men and 30 women, around 25 years old. Subjects participated in activities such as walking, running, sitting, cycling, and resistance training to calculate energy expenditure ratings.

The research also suggested that health professionals, athletes/trainers, and general fitness enthusiasts should not expect accurate calorie readings from these devices “during the implementation of a fitness training or nutritional program.”

Accurate heart rate and step count readings

However, the Apple Watch 6 offered much better accuracy when tracking heart rate, while the Polar Vantage V and Fitbit Sense offered some variation with readings, depending on activity. All three wearables also reported accurate step count readings.