Apple Watch will tell you if you’re drunk and check your sugar levels

The new sensor will measure the sugar level and alcohol concentration

Rockley Photonics is getting ready to go public and recently boasted in its prospectus that Apple has been its largest client for nearly two years. However, the Cupertino giant is not buying any sensors yet, and it looks like he is investing in the development of technology that in the future may allow the measurement of blood parameters such as blood sugar, alcohol concentration and even blood pressure measurement. The British company boasts that its sensor will be able to read these parameters with high accuracy and, most importantly, without interfering with the body. It will use infrared light for this.

Admittedly, it all sounds very beautiful, but so far no one has managed to develop a non-invasive method of measuring sugar levels. If Apple introduced such a sensor to the Apple Watch, it would be a small revolution. Diabetics today, in order to measure their sugar level, most often have to prick their finger with a needle to drop a drop of blood on a special strip and read the result from the meter. It is an invasive and not very pleasant method. The function of measuring alcohol concentration and finally measuring pressure may also be useful. Apple Watch could then become a comprehensive device for measuring the most important health parameters.

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