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Apple will make your iPhone impossible to steal

by archyw

Relying on artificial intelligence, Apple has taken another step up to further simplify the use of its ecosystem.

On the sidelines of its new operating system OS which should be released next fall. Many new features have been announced for the future iO15, including a system that will make it harder to steal an iPhone. And even virtually make it impossible.

A very practical system

Thus, iOS 15 will beef up its Locate function, usually allowing you to find a lost iOS device. Thanks to the Find My network, it will now be available to locate an iPhone even if it has been turned off or erased, something that had not been possible until then. To bring up the technical side of it, the iPhone with iOS 15 won’t be quite turned off when it’s powered off.

It will rather stay in a low consumption mode to mimic the behavior of an AirTag, this little Apple tag that is used to quickly identify its objects being attached to it.

Likewise, if a stolen iPhone was reset, the Locate function will still allow it to be found as long as the Activation Lock has not been deactivated.

In other words, this is a system that is not 100% foolproof as long as the technology crumbles as soon as the smartphone’s battery is completely dead. However, this still saves you several hours of time to find your mobile once lost or stolen.


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