Apple will notify you when you are hacked: it will do so | Technology

Since governments began the spy war, many technology companies have complained of being victims of the crossfire. Now Apple is going to warn us when a state is trying to hack us.

Apple has shared the details of how it intends to alert iPhone users when it believes they are the target of professional attackers – those attacks that often have states behind them.

As Apple explains in a security report, notifications will be sent by email and iMessage to the addresses and phone numbers associated with the Apple IDs of affected users.

Notifications will be identified as Threat Notification and they will also include steps users can take to protect their smartphones.

Unlike normal cyber criminals, professional attackers apply exceptional resources to target a very small number of individuals, which makes these attacks much more difficult to detect and prevent, Apple explains.

Due to the sophisticated nature of attacks, and the often imperfect means of detection, Apple recognized that some attacks could go unnoticed. Along the same lines, it also recognized that some of its notifications could be false alarms.

This fact is noteworthy, as it comes after the news that Apple has sued the NSO Group, identifying it as an attacker under the orders of the US government who used the Pegasus spy program in targeted attacks, after circumventing the mechanisms. iPhone security.

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In addition to sharing details about the threat notification system, Apple took the opportunity to list a handful of measures to help users protect your devices.

These include often-cited best practices, such as keeping phones up-to-date, using two-factor authentication (2FA), or installing apps only from the App Store.