Apple would not be in a hurry to release new AirPods

Everytime that Apple launches a new device on the market, manages to offer products of the highest quality, although obviously it is also being paid in price, and if you are hoping to renew your line of audio devices from those of Cupertino in the short term, you are going to have to keep waiting.

According to the latest estimates, Apple is not going to rush to renew its AirPodsas he AirPods Max like the base AirPods.

It should be remembered that the Airpods Max originally came out in December 2020, and these high-end headphones haven’t been updated since then, and if you thought this year was the time, you’d better sit still.

And it is that the analyst Ming Chi Kuo notes that Apple’s next major acoustic product upgrade date will take place between the second tranche of 2024 and early 2025.

The analyst reports that Apple has three products reserved for users on these dates, such as the HomePod Mini 2, the AirPods Max 2 and the economic variant of the AirPods.

Some of the novelties of the AirPods Max 2

The analyst has only talked about the time frame, but not about any of the future functionality that each of these devices could offer.

For the Airpods Max 2 it is expected that they will add a USB type C port, instead of the Lightning port, in addition to longer battery life, new colors and more advanced components.

Apple recently released the second-generation full-size HomePod with several additions, so users should rest easy making this purchase because apparently Apple won’t be releasing any new versions any time soon.