Apple’s patent hints at the possibility of locating the Apple Pencil in the future

A new patent application from Apple points to the creation of technology that would allow the Find My tracking system to be built into the Apple Pencil digital pencil.

This problem is definitely more relevant for those who use Apple Pencil with iPad tablets a lot on a daily basis. There’s no doubt that it’s pretty easy to put it away somewhere and forget about it, unless it’s attached to the magnetic charging point on the side of the iPad. So Apple may have found a solution by building acoustic resonators into future digital pencils.

This means that the Apple Pencil would be able to make a sound to report its location. It would also be connected to the common Find My network, meaning any internet-connected Apple device could report its location. The sound signal would definitely be more useful in home conditions, and the principle of operation is similar to AirTag.

Apple is popular for its ability to easily track and locate, thanks to its large number of products around the world. Almost all of the company’s products participate in location notification, and the convenience is expected to come soon to the Apple Pencil as well. However, I think that this accessory does not disappear so often, because it has no other use besides the iPad tablet, so it will always be with you.

2023-05-30 09:00:00

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