Apple’s retreat from the production of the iPhone 14 .. What are the reasons?

And Apple, in a note sent to suppliers, asked to back off efforts to increase assembly of iPhone 14 components, after it had planned to produce 6 million phones in the second half of this year.

This is contrary to the company’s previous expectations of an increase in demand for the new phone by more than 7 percent compared to last year. The indices of the shares of companies that manufacture iPhone units also revealed a significant decline that was not experienced before during the period following the launch of the iPhone phones.

International reports stated that there are several reasons behind this decline in production, including fear of a global economic recession.

Observers say China is the password for the recent decline in iPhone sales, as Beijing, the world’s largest smartphone market, suffers an economic recession that has hit mobile device makers.

Data also points to other reasons behind the low demand for these phones, including high inflation and supply chain disruptions caused by the Ukraine crisis.


Technology journalist Ayman Salah said that Apple’s supply chains “do not suffer from problems with tablets and others, especially since this company is the one who produces its processors, but the main reason behind the decline in the production of iPhone 14 phones is their bet that this generation of iPhone It would be a quantum leap, but really, the public did not feel this shift.”

He added that Apple “expected this qualitative shift in the iPhone 14 phones based on its change of the marketing plan, as there is no iPhone 14 “mini” within this plan, any small, meaning the cheap price, which is supposed to be sold in abundance, in addition to that, the iPhone met 13 normal several requests to consumers before the new version 14″.

And Ayman Salah, in his interview with Sky News Arabia, considered that Apple bet on the “Easym” feature, which is a service provider program that can be added anywhere in the world to the mobile phone so that it does not need a SIM to work, adding, “But for this feature, it is not available in All countries of the world, where the ESIM feature is present in the United States, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait.

Apple has also relied on its bet on iPhone 14 sales, on “the emergency service connected to satellites, and this service is present in the United States and some places in Europe only, while the global market does not benefit from this service because it is not available to him and therefore cannot currently benefiting from it.”

And the journalist specializing in technology indicated that Apple will remedy the situation and prepare a copy of the iPhone 14 with a chip, as it will be sold in America by ASIEM and outside America with the chip.